Saturday, May 26, 2012

print outcomes

last day to finish prints.......nozzle clogged on the UP printer..ended up having to dismantle the head to clear....ran out of time to finish the parts....stay tuned ..i will find a way to put it all together....great residency


  1. Thanks for the wonderful, informative blog. I've just had fun reading it all and following some of your links. What software did you end up liking for 3D building? Look forward to seeing what you made.

  2. Thanks Judy I reverted to sketch-up I had simple shapes easy to learn, every other 3d cad type program was much to complicated...I had a clogged nozzle on my last day of printing ended up having to pull the machine a part! I must have learnt something! it going again but didn't end up finish my set of mechanisms but I am close so I hope to engage with the printer again soon


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