Sunday, April 22, 2012

Dig-i-tate residency 26 April to 27 May 2012

As part of the Dig-i-tate residency I would like to investigate various aspects: Patterns: All living things create patterns. Nature contains an infinite variety of patterns & can be found in plants, foliage and in animals. Naturally occurring patterns e.g. bee hives, termite mounds are of interest. Movement: For a number of years I have small studies of work that examine movement. These studies are sculptural forms, artist books and sculptural use of paper. Automata constructions are also of great interest. Questions around how movement works will give me the opportunity to print a series of mechanisms that are the foundation for the understanding of movable parts and their potential. Repetition: For years my work intention is around multiple parts through repetition. Repetition for me is the rigor or deep communication with process. It’s a way of going beyond what I already know. Miniature: Small is a way for me to bring everything down to the scale of the human hand, touch. Collaboration: Being passionate about collaboration this residency with Beau will open up opportunities of diverse ways of working together. 3d Printing: Low tech verses high tech approach. How can small bespoke pieces inform a 3d design approach? Molecular shapes like the polygon and hexagon will be studied within the 3d printing process. I envisage ‘niche’ sculptural constructions that generate small intimate pieces and their possibilities.

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